July 31, 2017

NEW on my Etsy store!!!!


There are new lovely products 
on my Etsy store!!!

of course #caracarminastyle



July 11, 2017

Guess what?


I'm in love!!!!



July 06, 2017

Happy bday Frida giveaway!!!!!


There is a lovely Frida giveaway 
on my 
facebook page and on my instagram!!!!

Don't miss it!!!



July 05, 2017

happy bday Frida #caracarminastyle

Self portrait as Frida... 
(because tomorrow would be her bday...)

“You deserve a lover who wants you disheveled, with everything and all the reasons that wake you up in a haste and the demons that won’t let you sleep.
You deserve a lover who makes you feel safe, who can consume this world whole if he walks hand in hand with you; someone who believes that his embraces are a perfect match with your skin.
You deserve a lover who wants to dance with you, who goes to paradise every time he looks into your eyes and never gets tired of studying your expressions.
You deserve a lover who listens when you sing, who supports you when you feel shame and respects your freedom; who flies with you and isn’t afraid to fall.
You deserve a lover who takes away the lies and brings you hope, coffee, and poetry.”

― Magdalena Carmen Frida Kahlo y Calderón 
July 6, 1907 – July 13, 1954


June 20, 2017

Cara Carmina @ Mtl en Arts


Señorita Cara Carmina will be at Mtl en Arts this year!!! 
come say hi!
Booth 29
(Bewteen Metro Berri and Beaudry)

June 28th / July2nd


June 12, 2017

Collective Expo SUBMERSION


I'm so happy to invite you all to the Vernissage 
of our collective art expo SUBMERSION this coming Wednesday!!! 
SEÑORITA Cara Carmina's work along with all the artists 
who got inspired by the music album SUBMERSIBLE 
of Montral band Prince Mychkine last Fall!

All our works will be available for sale 
in beautiful prints and exhibited for four days 
at Espace Projet Don't miss it!!!!
You can see all my work for this album  HERE.

Thank you so much Marc-André Nicolaevich Labonté 
for all the inspiration and the work behind this project, 
your music made this happen and your energy is contagious!